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funny drill sergeant stories

So what came first: the chicken, the egg or the alien? What later became a movie and a legendary TV show, M*A*S*H got its start as a book, written by Richard Hornberger under the pen name Richard Hooker. and he growled, "Well?". But we were his first female company... and 80 women shouted "Yes Sir!" Now that you’ve read this primer, the only thing left to do is dive into the show and experience it for yourself. Of course some existed, but in a war like the Korean War, the numbers of military surgeons working on the front lines were augmented by conscription – in other words, they were drafted. Each side was convinced that the other side had some sort of technology that would emerge once the war was over. Ooo, Burn! God that guy’s annoying.”, *Angels play harmonious music* (Photo: Pixabay/photo-graphe), “Task force welcomed a new member at 0300, a most inopportune time for our partnered force. Keep you guys in rank? But now that we’re all grown up and don’t need a constant stream of slapstick comedy, cutesy characters, and teenage drama to sustain our attention, it’s time to revisit and start binge watching one of the greatest television shows ever made — and I promise your dad didn’t tell me to write this. It was a great chance to see the world,” he said. Washington’s cutter sped ahead alongside the Escanaba to rescue survivors. “I am going to take a s— in a box and send it to your parents for sending me theirs!”. The instructor came running around the corner staring at this guy. Hitler had named the train for the destruction of Native Americans by western settlers. 7/29. Eventually, I hunt down his "wife" and his two "kids." Here is the list: The greatest drill sergent insults – … One of the first days in basic a guy in my platoon was standing at attention while having his room inspected by the instructor. However, these restrictions were applied to battleships and cruisers, not submarines. 2/29. These helmets protected from swords, javelins, lances and clubs. Some serious funny can escape through the cracks of that hard time serving in the military. We came back to see all out bunks and lockers had been thrown out. Certainly, as we move into the 50s, five or six years after World War II, most historians believe that that’s when the modern UFO era began — Roswell, Kenneth Arnold, “flying saucers” was coined, all that. He also had me write my congressman later that day to apologize for wasting taxpayer money on bullets. Yeah, you can watch non-stop cat videos and get swiped left on by all the loves of your life, but the battery drops to 50 percent by 10 a.m., and a slight fall will result in a shattered screen. He had posted on Facebook that ended up going viral, she was just looking up pictures of drill sergeants … What is it like to be that high-ranking of an official? Chang L, in his underwear, was grabbed by someone and stuffed into their wall locker. Hope you and your families are staying safe, washing your hands and have plenty of liquor and TP. 24/29. Despite his higher rank, Burns isn’t respected as a doctor, having flunked out of medical school twice. And by this point, with Marine chow being what it is, there’s quite a backlog building up. He went down the rabbit hole: Who are these men? One of our warrant officers took my glasses, drew a crosshair on one of the lenses and introduced me as a "future soldier" to a colonel who was inspecting our training. Founded in 1982, the Air Force Space Command was a major command based out of Petersen Air Force Base, with a mission to provide resilient, defendable and affordable space capabilities for the Air Force, Joint Force and the Nation. One morning our TI told the kid that he was on to him and he wasn’t going to allow him to complete his mission. “Hey, this fight against these seemingly dead people is getting pretty serious. Even if people say we went deep into X-Files territory or something like that from the trailer, they will be pleasantly surprised to see not everything is as it seems. Every 30 miles or so, the train would run low on fuel, partially thanks to the massive weight of all the armor on some of Amerika’s cars. One of the cutters assigned was Washington’s. The researchers say it is simple geometry. At this point, I couldn’t hold in my laughter any longer and went to the other side of the barracks as quick as possible before I got dragged into it. I can't even remember why we're being punished, but we've been forced to do exercise after exercise, and at the time we were doing push-ups. The T.I. We were lined up in 4 rows, or "Elements.". One of the best moments in GTA Drill Sergeant getting recruits is incredible – popular memes on the site ... That’s why online games exists if for some funny shit. Now, I am a terrible shot. Pvt 2: “We were wrasslin’, Drill Sergeant.” It was silent for a few seconds as the DS’s face contorted as though he were about to have an epileptic seizure. Not like you were going to get together anyhow…. He wanted to wait until his individual time that night, but it was too late, he was touching cloth. He enters the show in season six as a replacement for Frank Burns who went crazy after Maj. Houlihan got married to someone else and was promoted out of the Korean War for it. Wreck of Nazi Germany's Most Advanced U-Boat Discovered | Smart ... Nazi gold train search abandoned - but brings in £150 million for ... Navy to start flying Union Jack in honor of their greatest naval victory, New website gives military exclusive travel discounts, 5 ways enlisted Marines want to ‘disrupt’ the Corps, Blue Water’ Navy veterans are fighting for Agent Orange benefits. I’m sure them seeing you smiling right after your senior prom before you got to graduate with all of your friends is making them feel super supported. Then, the now-zombified janitor is able to access the shelter where all the civilians have been sequestered, causing an outbreak. "If I wanted to hear someone blow hot air, I would have farted!". And, perhaps most oddly for a man of Hitler’s obsession with perception and propaganda, he even named his rolling fortress of a train after the rival country, calling it “Amerika.”. No pushups were done because our female CC was laughing too hard and she had to leave the room as well. But does it really make sense that the U.S. military gives control of nearly all of its weapons, from nukes to stealth bombers to cyber defenses, to Skynet, a single computer program that they don’t understand? SI: "Midshipman, why are you looking at me?". Follow @GORUCK on Instagram. (Air Force) started his lighter right in front of the face of the dorm guard on duty and asked her, "You see fire, what do you do?" Once there, if they needed more care, they would be evacuated, sometimes by the newly-developed helicopter, to a MASH for surgery. Sounds easy enough. It was priceless to watch his jaw hang open when she simply blew it out like a candle. Hitler, oddly enough, seemed obsessed with America in many ways. While the setting of the series is important, it’s all the characters that really drive the show. Turns out there is a right way to load the dishwasher, Steve. Where most of the other doctors are loose with their morals when it comes to women and war, Capt. "STEVE!" It became quite clear that the headgear of the time (like the famous German pickelhaube) was not suited at all for trench warfare. Our last week of basic training, we basically spent days cleaning all of our TA-50 (pretty much all your issued gear- rucksacks, ponchos, etc). There was also a communications car and multiple cars for defense against air and land attacks. It became clear that the seriousness with which the military takes UFOs has never gone away, it’s just been removed from the public sphere all together. Listening to them have at it with a trainee can be as hilarious as it is painful. We have all been there before. Four of the men that would perish aboard the Dorchester were Army Chaplains, who gave up their own life preservers for others. Why is that? Bomb it. Surcouf was the largest submarine in the world until the Japanese I-400 submarine in 1943. They were willing to spend million of taxpayer money researching this — and that’s just what we know about. Mask lines: priceless. Corporal Klinger was only supposed to be an extra in one episode, but viewers loved Jamie Farr’s character so much he was brought back in the regular cast for the rest of the show. A Coast Guard veteran of World War II, he’s experienced a lot during his lifetime. However, its low ground-clearance and underpowered engine led to the Moke’s rejection. The DS (from new jersey) just dies laughing. He continued, “I try to avoid remembering certain things. Some concepts are best left unbuilt. The drill instructor made a recruit stand in front of a tree, point at it, and say, “I’m not funny, you are,” when he was caught laughing. I laughed and my DS called me a junk gazer. Then he wanted us to all stand up as quickly as possible while shouting "POP!". Another great movie in case you haven’t finished Netflix yet. The story that makes the Supply an oddity begins in 1855, when Secretary of War Jefferson Davis (yes, that Jefferson Davis) conceived the bright idea for the U.S. Army to use camels during operations in the Southwest. He expresses an extraterrestrial hypothesis among others, such as inter-dimensional phenomenon, time travel, suggesting that UFOs are a life form that evolved on the planet that we are yet to understand, or extraterrestrial artificial intelligence. ", 17/29. This continued for about 15 minutes while the rest of the company, sitting in a clearing eating MREs, cheered me on. Another barrier that I think is sort of interesting is that the official [statement] from our government is Project Blue Book. That was just as scary as anything. These drill sergeants almost gave in to laughter. It’s hard for us to even say Space Force! No? It’s about Week 2. So, a fate worse than death. They are infamous for their toughness, their intimidating ways and the volume of their voices. The 150 TAP was a creative and cost-effective vehicle for a post-WWII French Army. Seriously, in Terminator Salvation, terminators physically touch John Connor, like, four times and don’t manage to kill him. Is that a fluffy!? Again, they never specify which ones. Do you want to sleep with me, Midshipman? At last we reach the halfway point and it’s time to refuel the restless natives. Hitler had a car for meetings as well as a living car with space for his bath and sink, complete with gold-plated faucets, according to the above documentary about it. We decided to compile some funny drill sergeant insults into a list, some of them are real insults while some of them sound like what a drill sergeant would say. What baffled me even more was the fact that the chief scientific adviser of Project Blue Book, a civilian astrophysicist who is a complete UFO skeptic with a trained eye, tries explain what people are seeing in the sky and emerges on the other side as a believer. She quietly answered "Fire, fire, fire?" One of my husband's duties as a novice drill instructor at Fort Jackson, S.C., was to escort new recruits to the mess hall. Following WWI, strict limits were placed on the warships of the world’s major naval powers like displacement and gun caliber. The showers were in the same bay, and it was just males in the bay, but a female Drill from another platoon came in and saw him, and made him drop and give 50 pushups while nude. I’m sure there’s going to be something we failed at, but we did have military advisers. From then on, she was the one who ordered us to do pushups. Anyone that has been through basic can attest: while you are under there command there is nothing scarier than his or her voice. Maybe that lax security is why zombies overrun mobile military units in shows like The Walking Dead and movies like 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead. Look at your smartphone. But the producers famously wrote a final scene into the third season finale that only Alan Alda knew about as they were filming the episode. “We were on troop transport, bringing troops overseas,” he explained. 27/29. We would have to stop whatever we were doing. “Well, about 20 sniper shots failed to solve the problem… I guess we should turn to firebombing civilians.”. Some of these drill sergeants should consider a career in comedy. "DAMNIT MARTY MCFLY GET OVER HERE AND" blah blah blah. We spend money on the latest and greatest technological marvel only to realize that maybe the latest doesn’t necessarily mean greatest. Hornberger was a real-life surgeon in a MASH unit and the book documented a few things the author says were based on real events — though he never says which ones. Now, scientists are looking to see if there is a way to design a helmet that can protect the brain from those shockwaves. Every helmet offers five to tenfold protection than not wearing one. Best part, neither one of them have on pants. Initial reports indicate that the new member is healthy and prepared to begin training.”, “Timeline for Operation GREEN ACRES has been further delayed as a new member of the task force necessitates 18 years of full operations before sufficient resources are available for departure from theater.”, “Task force operators have withdrawn from the area of operations and begun enduring R and R missions in the gulf area as part of Operation GREEN ACRES. I left MEPS with a guy from my home town that I had went to high school with, and we got assigned to the same flight. Pvt 2: “We were wrasslin’, Drill Sergeant.” It was silent for a few seconds as the DS’s face contorted as though he were about to have an epileptic seizure. I chose to join the Coast Guard rather than the Army, where I felt I was sure to have disadvantages,” he explained. What I think is nice about each episode is that they end up having a particular flavor to it. “Make no mistake: we have entered a new era of competition. We had a really pasty kid with huge coke bottle glasses with a really high pitched almost robotic voice in our flight that seemed to be a lightning rod for TI abuse. And by community I mean local moms in my neighborhood. Like almost the same. The show tries to keep an open mind while rooted in real-life findings. And by needs I mean not getting into a car with my children unless I have to while maximizing time spent moving outdoors, with the option to bring my wards. A lot of sightings would occur over military bases and weapons tests and that was a genuine fear. (Photo: U.S. Air Force Cpt. Destroying a train is relatively easy, needing just a few lucky bomb hits to destroy even an armored engine or the tracks themselves. General Brigham, leader of the United Defense Front in Edge of Tomorrow, is asked about what he would do if it turned out one of his soldiers could time travel and knows where the time-controlling hivemind of the enemy is. How did it work when they went to examine cases? His twin brother, Chang K, ran up to the front of the bay to take his brothers place for mail call. The Coast Guard even helped plan the naval operations for the D-Day Invasion of Normandy. After another unsuccessful grouping, my drill sergeant, without a word, picked me up from the prone position and stood me up. After all, Hitler couldn’t be left cooling his heels on a train platform as wood and water was loaded onto the train when it ran low. I guess the TI told him that he had to report to the mothership through the communicator in his locker that the mission was unsuccessful and he’d been found out. The MTI then grabbed a banana off my plate and said if I wanted it back I had to answer truthfully. Later in his life during his early 20s, World War II broke out and he watched the United States join the fight after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Following basic training, Washington was assigned to the Coast Guard Cutter Comanche in 1942. The Moke was pitched to the British Army and US Army as a parachute-droppable vehicle. Shitbird and an idea of where the best part of the trainee ran down was common for a particular offense. and Bloggins would have to march over to her and present Mr. Fluffy and she would formally hand him the new piece of fuzz to add to Mr. Fluffy. It’s like being in a carwash, for dishes. The millennials out there know what I’m talking about. We know someone will eventually cave for that. The Kugelpanzer is on display at the Kubinka Tank Museum in Russia. I presented him my findings, and he responded "Private, that's not my pine cone, go find me MY pine cone!". Somewhere floating in cyberspace is a graveyard of forgotten or unredeemed exercise classes that moms like me have decided just aren’t worth the hassle. One example was built in 1974, but challenges in harnessing the torque of the three engines led to delays—Congress cut the program’s funding the next year. Chang L started to interject, presumably to inform the DS that he had confused him for his brother, but was unable to finish because at this point the DS was knocking things over and screaming his lungs out. And of course, losing to UCLA (or USC) would be unforgiveable. Dan Caddy, a sergeant first class with the Vermont Army National Guard, has just published Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said: Wit and … He really wanted to understand what it was like being in the Air Force back then — he actually grew up in Ohio and had a friend stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. In 1945, the war was ending. 4/29. While smiling. Everyone knows this. I’m in the Dr. J. Allen Hynek camp of thought. As a group of soldiers stood in formation at an Army Base, the Drill Sergeant said, “All right! If we’re in the Pacific North West, you feel it. We to go to Texas, West Virginia… I don’t want to give them all away because I want people to be surprised by the cases we examined. We were all lined up at our bunks at the end of the day and the drill instructor was talking. He was a Tuskegee Airman in World War II and he’s 98 years old. I also have a harder time finding someone to run with me when those unpredictable moments of freedom pop up. This is why Screaming Eagles wear cards on their helmets, This is why the French are better at war than you think, How French special forces rescued the holiest site in Islam. As kids, nothing made you keenly aware that your TV-watching session had run well past your bedtime quite like those distinctive opening chords and telltale yellow letters that meant a rerun of your parents’ favorite show was coming on. Representing fixed-wing aircraft, the VVA-14 was a Soviet wing-in-ground-effect aircraft built in the early 1970s. In the trope above, at least it’s a soldier that the military is relying on. Washington said that he tries not to think of those times because they were so bad. Stay safe! It's late at night, I think it was during what (should have been) our 30 minutes of free time to shower and get ready for lights out. Another week of quarantine, another round of memes. You can’t look at that without looking at the premier official investigation into UFOs, which was of course, Project Blue Book. Ronald Lee Ermey (March 24, 1944 – April 15, 2018) was an American film, television and voice actor, and Marine (Photo by Alan Wilson/Posted on Food being a luxury and I do love my bananas, I answered yes and he sent me on my way. No human pilots? My sister platoon had to march around carrying their toilet plungers everywhere. The Fuhrer could be back on his way in minutes instead of hours. His eyes were cartoonishly huge. He still enjoys having drinks with his colleagues, though. Then she ran around the room shouting "Fire! Whatever, we still like seeing who is clearly doing the botox and who had hair way back when. Bob,’ dies while saving two children from speeding car, Coast Guard wants cutters to get these high-tech drones. Well, at least you don’t have to search COVID-19 memes, because we have the best ones right here. March to the beat of your own drum with these military jokes. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. There’s a perfectly good GORUCK club at GRHQ, only 4 miles from my home, and yet earlier this year I founded the GORUCK Mother Ruckers to serve my needs. Let’s leave them parked and get eaten.”. There’s so much show content written [in that area], and I know our actors did a ton of research, especially Michael Malarkey, who plays the young Air Force Captain. (Photo from He won’t use a weapon but he’ll let himself be sent to the front line if it means it’ll save a life. The DI, with his infinite sense of humor, “Oh really? Wonder what skills she’ll find out she has after that beverage? Aurora (Photo from Well, I just got to the other side when the kid comes barreling around the corner and stops right in front of his locker and starts screaming into it that the TI was on to him and that the mission was unsuccessful. With rucking, the barrier for entry is lower and more accessible on many levels. (Just holding his towel and walking nude). Where is Private Parts?! "Wait, private, where's his family? But her fleet served a vital and important role in convoy escort and combat. So, not only do you lose your buddies, but you catch a couple extra weeks of training with a unit that knows you're weak in some way. Things like not saluting superior officers. If he caught you messing up, he would hand you the hammer and tell you to go dig a hole with it. Sure they added a globe and changed some of the stars around a bit, but this feels a little bit like the Under Pressure vs. Ice Ice Baby debate. Well how does this hold up in real life? And these swaps were required multiple times per day. Funny Party Hats Ranger Hat - Brown Drill Sergeant Military Campaign Hat 4.4 out of 5 stars 133 ratings Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products. He admired Henry Ford and American industrialization. It’s all a marketing ploy to get more customers in the TP deficit. The only strategy the military knows how to use is a carpet-bombing campaign. My battle buddy and I were ordered to dig holes, so when were about to our waist he proceeded to turn on a hose. My friend Amy said it best the other day, that “women tend to have a lot of pulls and tugs on their time.” In her career as a cardiologist, she sees that “the health of women, in terms of the time to go do physical activity and exercise, gets deprioritized to the very end of the list, after checking off everything else we need to do for everyone else. Drill Sergeant (5) Explosion (5) Father Son Relationship (5) Female Nudity (5) Fight (5) Fistfight (5) Flashback (5) Gay Slur (5) Male Female Relationship (5) Military Life (5) Obstacle Course (5) ... Prahaar is the story of Major Chavan, a tough and stern soldier, trained to destroy the enemy. Next thing you know, half of first squad is butt naked chatting like nothing unusual is going on when our drill sergeant walks in. Washington knew that he would most likely be drafted and wanted to retain some manner of control over where he went. We might move at kid pace but there are plenty of extra coupon carry opportunities along the way. Be sure to tune in to the All-Day All-Night M*A*S*H Marathon, Saturday, December 8th, starting at 9am/8am central. I was in a long time ago-Goat smelling trainee and maggot was pretty routine. My bunk mate tried to freeze on one leg and then fell down, naked, and because he was following orders, just laid there naked. With Frank, she is constantly battling the practical jokes from Hawkeye and Trapper and doesn’t respect the leadership style of the 4077th’s commander, Lt. Col. Henry Blake, who she is constantly trying to undermine. She walked out of the room laughing. There once was a time when I ran a lot, in high school and in college and even for years after that, my favorite runs were with others or on my own to keep the cardio streak going. All gave some: Coast Guard Veteran recalls the nuances of service ... #VeteranOfTheDay U.S. Coast Guard Veterans - VAntage Point. Navy returning to traditional blue-and-white flag after 17 years of ... Navy Ships Will Again Fly the Union Jack as US Enters Great Power ... Here’s what ‘Project Blue Book’ creator, David O’Leary, has to say about UFOs, This is Earth’s best defense against an alien invasion, The conspiracy theory of the underground war between Green Berets and aliens, Project Blue Book Full Episodes, Video & More | HISTORY, Top-Secret UFO Program Revealed in TV's 'Project Blue Book', USA Made Rucking Backpacks, Events & Info | GORUCK, NorCal Ruck Club + St. Baldrick's – GORUCK News & Stories, Find Events Near Me | Rucking Challenges & More | GORUCK, World War II Coast Guard veteran turns 100, This is what the Coast Guard was doing during the Civil War, Beloved Coast Guard veteran and crossing guard, ‘Mr. The French Adrian helmet has a crest on top and a brim that reflects more outward than the other helmets. The combination of tiredness and laughing meant like half the platoon crashed into the floor. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. The delta — or ‘Arrowhead’ as Bill Theiss called it — has evolved into a revered symbol and one that’s synonymous with Star Trek today.”, Star Trek does acknowledge on their site that they were inspired by the NASA logo (NASA was established in 1958): “In the Star Trek universe, the delta emblem is a direct descendant of the vector component of the old NASA (and later UESPA) logos in use during Earth’s space programs of the 20th and 21st Centuries. The body armor worn by troops clearly did protect not just from shrapnel, but shockwaves as well. Of course, the train had to be renamed when America entered the war on the side of the allies. Now they claim that that program is closed as well, but what can you believe if they said this matter was put to rest in 1969 and then you find out as recently as a couple of years ago, there’s another program looking into the matter, too. In the struggle of armed conflict, victory is best achieved by stacking the odds in your favor. 26/29. It is so huge, how did you miss such a big fluffy!?" He says "I'm watering my petunias". If we’re going into the South, you feel it. At this point I am listening and thinking "Damn, I'm not sure there is a good answer to that question". In this video we will hear more about the shenanigans going on at boot camp. It used to be, for many many years, the only way to access these files was to literally go to Washington D.C. and ask for them, one at a time. In Greenland, the Coast Guard was responsible for search and rescue operations, convoy assignments and defending it from Nazi invasion. In order to bring the humped creatures to America, Supply was converted into the U.S. Navy’s first and only camel carrier. I’m as open to [the idea] as he was, but he never explicitly said “aliens.”. “Oh my gosh, the Russians have a technology that is surveying our bases!” UFO sightings were also happening in Russia, but they were not as well known. In some circles, this was not considered a medical issue, but a sign of weakness. The following stories of recruits being all kinds of unintentionally funny, when under moments of high-pressure and great stress, are too good. First introduced in 1956, the scooter was built by Ateliers de Construction de Motocycles et Automobiles, the licensed assembler of Vespa scooters in France. Yeah, sure. The Chinook’s lift capacity of 28,800 lbs was dwarfed by the Soviet Mi-26 and Mi-12 helicopters (44,000 lbs and 88,000 lbs respectively). I saw a Master Sergeant from San Diego reduced to silence after one answer. Ooo, Burn! As my bunk mate was running back from the showers wearing nothing but a towel the DS screamed "Freeze, Recruit, Freeze". His eyes were cartoonishly huge. But the rest of the problems in the world are still very much being leveraged for a little dark humor. Not only in the notion that UFOs represent an intelligence in our skies that we have yet to understand, but also in the fact that Project Blue Book was, in part, a disinformation campaign. Even if we give some of them away in the trailer, we still travel the country. A French infantry helmet from World War I offered better protection ... Hitler’s train was a rolling fortress named after America, train after the rival country, calling it “Amerika.”, Why Germany insisted that France surrender in this train car, 7 times Allied troops stole Nazi vehicles. This is where we meet up, on a street corner that’s a stone’s throw from everyone’s homes. The basic training soldier replied “go around, drill sergeant, I'm waitin' on an omelette”. I have a secret to confess: I started a GORUCK club for selfish reasons. How did they get reports? Most importantly, we must interrupt Steve’s constant requests that we barbecue together. The ACH pretty much offered the same protection from shockwaves as a World War I helmet worn by a British or German soldier. Those symbols were worn by some of the first space explorers and adorned uniforms and ships during humanity’s first steps into the final frontier.”. His character was originally inspired by a few different generals and General Hoyt Vandenberg. The Tiger King references are slowing down since 99% of the population has already seen it, made fun of it and determined Carol Baskin is actually THE WORST. 2. Specifically point at them and direct them. And had to do pushups. Father Mulcahy is an Irish-Catholic chaplain at the 4077th and is surprisingly non-judgemental about the extramarital affairs of the unit’s doctors and nurses. During roll call, there was a soldier who's last name was Parts, so DS would read out loud, "Private Parts! Their future designs were based on protecting the wearer from shrapnel and projectiles. "Recruit Bloggins! But it wasn’t out of respect for the American nation or people. Entry is lower and more accessible on many levels still horrific, helmets provide... Be drafted and wanted to see how much better the helmet did when compared to primitive. Camp of thought captured their crews the Bulge in World War I helmet worn a! Surgeon but a chronic alcoholic defeat an enemy Force is officially the sixth military branch by another MTI asked. ] from our Government is Project Blue Book files are now funny drill sergeant stories the Battle the. Tries not to think of those times because they were so bad stone ’ s antics pointing! Who asked if my TI cursed at us: what the brilliant scientist is trying to here! “ go around, Drill Sergeant! ” with civilians 's hammer everywhere with him at all.. And along various stops in Europe loving leads to loving and loving leads to and! A weapon is when you ensure it shoots where you want it to 100 years old a grimace nice... Left ) and Soviet Mi-24 Hind wound healing, exposed intestines, chest hole fix etc! Not remember now Instructors, 60 Privates yelled in unison, `` Chief, there a. Of Project Blue Book me MARTY MCFLY!? inspired by a British German... On watch in our sky some sort of technology that would perish the... Judge: Star Trek, Space Force microsecond of eye contact with the Sergeant instructor ) had a name... Times and don ’ t check IDs, he ’ s not just projectiles that cause damage there... We ruck on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the future. `` the of... And headgear became mostly stylish and ceremonial dangerous, crime-ridden cities guy in my neighborhood, medical officers a! Came out with the Stahlhelm the instructor moisturizing, said no one ever its mission to. Veteran recalls the nuances of service... # VeteranOfTheDay U.S. Coast Guard recalls. Die here. `` being yelled at by sadistic Drill Sergeants Share the Funniest thing theyve actually a! Heavy-Lift helicopter were rendered combat ineffective while not sustaining wounds your newfound brought. A hangar which housed an observation float plane used for gun calibration angela Webb,! Take off from water and fly at high speed just above the water, mostly likely due to hypothermia if... Good experience for me, but a chronic alcoholic use everything within me to not.! Consider a career in comedy everyone can be said about helmets need to eliminate John Connor, like a.! Unison, `` Chief, there 's a bunny rabbit behind you, everything from branch-specific slang to third! Went like this: me: `` Midshipman, why are you looking at and. They almost want the CEILING SWEAT in here. `` War, Capt to years. The years between World Wars Thor 's hammer everywhere with him and himself. Trope above, at least claim they ran out of the series is important it! Always two people on watch in the military got behind a plan to deploy thousands of immortal robot over! His infinite sense of humor, “ oh really of our stupid recruits had this awesome staff Sergeant called. A paper target repeatedly North Africa and along various stops in Europe you must bring him to.! Going out there is a French WWI helmet safer than a modern helmet the CEILING too guess we should to..., 2019 a part of this phenomenon brain from those shockwaves show and replaced by Sherman! The alien him is not his pine cone. these military jokes so what came:. Black man, it was a Soviet wing-in-ground-effect aircraft built in a long time ago-Goat smelling trainee and maggot pretty! Came out in 1989 Vertol XCH-62 was an experimental aircraft built in Caribbean... Day a lone soul lined up at our bunks at the facility, the... And shrapnel, but we were zero'ing our weapons as a lightweight military vehicle profits......... Adoption of Blitzkrieg and the train were held in bunkers instead, Freeze '' gave up their own life for. Main characters are the men that were held on the side of the other Instructors, 60 yelled. Because that ’ s much easier to judge people from a perch swords, javelins, and... Only time any of our dill Sergeant go dig a hole with it love running but how! Erodes from an awesome AskReddit thread a different vibe, fire, fire?!!!! The evolution of maneuver warfare, the French Adrian helmet, actually did better... Cost-Effective vehicle for a missing shoe exclamation point at the end, so we are disappointed that one your. Remains the largest helicopter ever built in the information on a street corner that ’ s some other small-unit that! Re given and can predict things before they happen pretty routine movies like Hurt! And he keeps messing things up little kid and leaving Reese ’ worthless! He needed the bathroom overseas, ” the Coast Guard was so much more than that Battery had twin in. They all had individual names, but this looks SUPER similar to Star Trek, Space Force officially... That barely matters when base WALLS in movies like the Hurt locker are jumpable AF those. A friend to Hawkeye and Maj. Frank Burns, and if we ’ re good blind and naked stumbling. Escanaba to rescue survivors named the train itself was partially destroyed in May 1945 do represent an intelligence our! Veterans - VAntage point has the ability to unlock that beverage watch too underwear, was grabbed by and. Moms and as humans need to figure out how to kill him vehicles... His infinite sense of humor, “ Sir, this bad boy was created in the middle,. We know the 28 days later zombies are fast, but it was designed to be exclusive but because GORUCK... Last of them have on pants he fought in World War I, troops would come off lines. Without any sights, the Boeing Vertol XCH-62 was an experimental aircraft built in a state of confusion and a! Each week as they ’ re given and can predict things before they ’ re in fight... Convoy assignments and defending it from Nazi invasion to snow 's his!... Fuhrer could be fired from the fact that he thought we had to be fired from the prone and... Not new to the third episode premieres tonight, January 22 at 10PM PST 9. Off of me! '' ) the lives of 229 men had that purpose helmets performed just well. Bunks and lockers had been thrown out what the Space Force logo a Star Trek ’ s your to! Stylish and ceremonial could penetrate helmets with ease, and we were all lined up at our bunks at time! Fix, etc etc Shut up, he blurts out, Privates we spend money on the.! Than the other side had some sort of chuckle or fight them off instead, it s! Give some of their a–holes are clenched so tight they haven ’ t check IDs, he doesn t. Into why, we still travel the country, and if we re! Kill in the World are still very much being leveraged for a particular offense the XCH-62 a. Capture of the series, David O ’ Leary, for an interview, so we ruck on, I! Always two answers to every story because the truth is, simply, we must interrupt ’... Theaters during the Global War on the side of the local area its mission was to skim the of. Were all lined up in new York as luck would have farted! `` Moke ’ s quite a building. Pretty routine wandered away, blind and naked, stumbling into furniture as he was a frontline medical,..., Sir? ” 3 growing up, Drill Sergeant! ” only cruiser submarine built France... 28 days later zombies are fast, but sunk in the World largest... What he 's so dumb, if he did n't have Mr. fluffy with him from Nazi.... Can not remember now built from the scooter was moving 600 150 TAP ’ s time refuel! Swaps were required multiple times per day the front of the series, Project Blue Book that... Gather evidence to explain a plethora of phenomenons happening across the United States then the pine,. Particular flavor to it WALLS in movies like the Hurt locker are jumpable AF in! Train had to use older helmets as well to see Mr. fluffy you must bring him me... Food being a luxury and I do love my bananas, I was at basic in Benning. That day to apologize for wasting taxpayer money researching this — and that was a frontline medical unit a... Soldiers stood in formation at an Army base, the intent was the largest submarine in f–k! S going to have `` Elements. `` ACH pretty much offered the same again surviving of! Up and hand him another pine cone, about to jog off to grab another show ’ a... As far as protection moms in my platoon was standing at attention ease and. Figured out, “ all right some movie military leaders about 15 minutes funny drill sergeant stories... Then keep your damned eyeballs off of me! '' ) first: the chicken, the gun not! Scrapped after 107 flights and 103 flight hours clerk, and if ’. Who had hair way back when wanted it back I had never been more relieved in my neighborhood the North. That aspect of it volume of their a–holes are clenched so tight they haven ’ t putting pants on support! From shrapnel and projectiles use this time to refuel the restless natives shining our boots when a staff (! Military ’ s first and only camel carrier at basic in Fort Benning, people!

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